Top 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies in 2020

Detailed listings from your MLS can be added to your real estate website. This can include a comprehensive and searchable database of your listings. It also gives you the option to highlight featured listings and to create custom neighbourhood pages.

Top 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies in 2020

Real Estate Lead Generation Strategy 2020

The biggest challenge for realtors in today’s competitive real estate business, is constantly generating new leads. In such a combative industry, creating new leads is a matter of not only good business, but ultimate survival. As the new year is about to dawn on us, we list down the best effective strategies in to generate exclusive real estate leads in 2020:

1) Real Estate Referrals:

One of the most effective ways of lead generation for real estate agents, is the oldest and the simplest: client referrals. When you maintain a good relationship with your previous clients, it ultimately helps you in getting genuine and organic references from them, and for free! If your past customers were happy with the experience of doing business with you, then they will become a rich source for potential buyers. You can also provide them with incentive, e.g., a percentage of your commission for their efforts. This will further motivate them to share contacts of leads with you.

2) Social Media Real Estate Marketing:

Social media marketing is one of the top real estate lead generation strategies for 2020. 93% of the world today is on some social platform or the other. Every realtor must have an account each on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, among others. By posting relevant posts about good offers, exciting prices, and exciting deals, you can use social media to engage and establish relationships with potential buyers.

3) Real Estate Videos on Agent Website:

Real estate is a visual market. Given a choice, leads would like to see the house rather than hear or read descriptions of it. Sending them pictures of the properties is nice, but when it comes to giving an accurate idea about the house, nothing works better than videos. Today, videos form an integral part of any real estate agent’s website. It has been observed that viewers spend more time on webpages that have real estate related videos, as these videos are attractive, informative, and easily shareable.

4) Real Estate Testimonials:

Testimonials are very important for real estate lead generation, as it shows to new leads that your past customers are extremely pleased with your services. A testimonial works as an endorsement of your services. Therefore, make sure you collect reviews from your clients and display them on your real estate agent website. Request your customers to share testimonials about you on other third-party websites and social media platforms as well.

5) Real Estate Agent Website:

Real estate business is highly competitive. To stay relevant and successful, you need to create a unique brand for yourself. A professional website helps you build a unique and personal image your business. You can go with special SEO-enabled IDXMatrix agent websites that land more searches on your website. Having your own website, instead of the one given by your brokerage firm, will mean that your leads migrate with you wherever you go.

6) Use Lead Generation Websites:

Many property sellers visit popular third-party websites that receive a lot of traffic and leave ads of their properties for sales there. Real estate agents also should create agent profiles on such sites and contact these registered leads for free.

7) Use Real Estate Agent CRMs:

Keeping a track of hundreds of leads, their preferences, status updates and activities all at the same time, is an extremely chaotic process and many times, agents losing certain leads due to mismanagement. That’s where real estate agent CRMs come handy. They collect all diverse information about your leads and display them on a clean and light interface. Some of them, like the IDXMatrix CRM, come with a large variety of features that you can use to contact your leads and check their mindset.

8) Email Newsletter:

Using a real estate agent CRM, you can generate real estate leads by scheduling drip marketing campaigns for them. You can schedule the kind of emails you want to send to your leads, and the frequency of such mails. Drip campaigns help keep the prospects informed and aware of your offers. You can also send useful videos and links to your blog posts.

9) Find “For Sale by Owner” Listings:

Many property owners list their properties for sales, but fail to follow up on contacts, or schedule their meetings with interested leads. Such owners will certainly appreciate some help from a real estate agent like you who can help them with these formalities. You can search for such owners in the FSBO listings (For Sale by Owner), offer them your help, and convert these leads to clients.

10) Local Sponsorship:

You can sponsor local events like school sport events, local charities, etc. and get the chance to communicate with potential buyers. It has two benefits for you: you can create a positive image for yourself and your brand, and at the same time, you can increase your network, build trust and generate more leads.


Real estate is an ever-expanding business because it represents shelter, which is one of the three necessities for humans. The demand for real estate is highly lucrative and competitive at the same time. Real estate agents looking to tap into that evergreen market should start by using the highly effective real estate lead generation strategies mentioned in this article and boost your sales and conversions by a large margin.