Lead Management CRM

Friendly. Efficient. Wise. Lead Management.

A Successful Real Estate business will be constantly generating new leads from a wide variety of sources.

Our real estate CRM will help you organise and manage those leads to increase your conversion ratio and turn leads into clients.


Our real estate software will allow you to manage your leads all in one place. Our industry leading CRM will empower you to effectively manage all your leads. Our real estate CRM and website is easy to use and install, has state of the art search tools, and makes it easy for you to attract new leads. Our data driven approach will empower you to make informed decisions about how best to convert your leads into sales. We equip you with powerful real estate agent software that automates many tasks. This streamlines the process; saves you time, and will ensure all your leads are well managed.

Automated lead notification tools

Our CRM will automatically notify the relevant agent when a new lead registers with your site. This means you can respond right away and show your new client how valued they are.

Organise your leads with status categories

As soon as a new lead is captured it will be assigned a status. With this tool you can prioritize your hottest leads

Lead distribution management system

Our Lead rotation system uses a round robin system to allocate new leads to a corresponding agent. This ensures work is evenly distributed and no agent is so overburdened that they can’t give the attention needed to a client.

We use data to help you prioritise leads

The IDX Matrix CRM will track all leads web usage and provide you with information on their level of interest. Allowing you to focus your efforts on leads most likely to convert.

We help you create smart drip campaigns

When a lead takes a particular action our system will automatically send them the relevant email helping you convert leads without having to pick up the phone.

Easily access important information with the IDX Matrix Dashboard

We provide you with an interface that allows you to see all your most important information at a glance.

Custom filters let you organise your work your way

You can easily access your leads on the ‘all leads’ page. To help narrow down the list and find what you are looking for our software lets you create custom filters to search for exactly what you need.

Call leads directly from the CRM

To make your life as easy as possible we put everything you need at your fingertips. When you find something on CRM that you need to contact a lead about you can do so right from within the CRM, with the simple click of a button.

Features of Real Estate Lead Management CRM

All Leads

Prompted by an online form, visitors to your website will register their interest. Their details, email, phone number, ect are instantly transferred into the CRM.

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Lead's Full Details

The Lead Full Details page provides everything you could ever need to know about your lead. The history tab will give you access to all previous communications

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Lead Capture

The IDXmartix allows every lead that visits your website or checks your listings to view the properties that peak their interests, but to get the full details they will need to register.

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Lead Rotation

The IDXmatrix Real Estate CRM allocates new leads to the agents in a round robin fashion. This ensures that no agent is overburdened and unable to contact any new leads that have been generated.

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Lead Transfer

Using our Real Estate CRM software you can transfer leads from one agent to another instantly. IDX Matrix CRM is specifically designed to facilitate working between a broker and team of agents.

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Lead Export/Import

The IDXmatrix CRM allows you to import leads from an excel spreadsheet. If the leads are stored in other software, then move to them Excel first, from here you can import all the data into our CRM in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

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Send Text

IDXmatrix makes communicating with your clients as simple as possible. Directly from your lead’s page in the CRM you can compose and send a text message making it easy to stay in contact with your leads and turn them into sales.

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Lender Assignment

This feature allows individual agents the control to determine which lender is most suitable for each lead and can do so from their own initiative.

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Lender Management

IDX Matrix provides you with a comprehensive CRM system that will allow you to manage relationships with lenders. Information can be organized by lender or by property.

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Auto Email Response

The IDXmatrix Real Estate CRM system is set up to email every new lead that registers on your website automatically. Clients often conduct property searches out of office hours, so having an automated system in place is essential for making first contact with new real estate leads.

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Auto SMS Response

Auto-response feature works great. An agent can auto-response to all client’s messages accordingly. An agent can see all SMS activity history in lead history tab.

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Lead Prioritization

By managing all of your real estate leads in one place our system allows you to effectively prioritize your workload. The Lead Prioritization feature helps you to target your efforts and to close more deals.

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Different Lead Statuses

IDX Matrix has created a Real Estate CRM that helps you to capture leads and store them in the CRM. Every new lead is assigned with a sale status of “New.” While those real estate leads which are not converted into deals get the status of “Unqualified.”

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Create Groups

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Manage Groups

The IDXmatrix CRM allows you to create groups according to your clients search criteria. If you have multiple people looking for 3 bedroom houses, or several clients looking to get a city centre apartment

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Bulk SMS

The IDXmatrix allows you to send out bulk SMS text messages with a simple click of the button from within the CRM. This enables you to take control of the communication process getting the right information to the right leads at the right time.

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Bulk Email

Bulk mail sending is beneficial for agents and brokers by allowing them, in just one click, to send out information on new properties to all the interested leads.

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Email Templates

The IDXmatrix CRM comes with a variety of ready-made email templates, which are pre-installed and quick to access.

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SMS Templates

You can send bulk SMS to customers. In IDX Matrix CRM, there is a great option to create new SMS template/customized it. You can select existing template option in send text, send bulk text.

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Smart Drip Plans

Most people normally use drip marketing as an email campaign. The IDXmatrix is designed to help you create the most effective drip marketing campaign possible, helping you to convert more sales.

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Lead Mindset Analysis

Our Lead Mind Set Analysis tools allow you to understand your leads’ search habits. With this information available at your fingertips you can easily make compelling pitches, converting leads into clients.

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Lead Source Capture

All the information about any new leads generated will be captured by our IDXmatrix CRM and used to generate a lead source report.

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Custom Filters

The IDXmatrix is designed to make organising and prioritizing your workload as simple as possible. When you access the ‘all leads’ page of the CRM

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Call/Text/Email Logs

The IDX Matrix CRM contains a history tab for each lead, which lists in detail all the communication to and from that particular lead.

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Manage To-do's & Notes

Our system allows you to create sticky notes that can be attached to each lead reminding you what the next step of the process is,

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The IDXmatrix dashboard provides you with instant access to all of your most important information. As soon as you start the software you are presented with the dashboard.

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Agent Accountability

The IDXmatrix enables you to keep track of what tasks your agents have completed, how quickly work is progressing, and allows you to monitor the distribution of work within your organisation.

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Lender Accountability

The IDX Matrix CRM allows you to see the lenders available and the leads already assigned to them. It also logs all communications, the number of texts, calls, and emails sent are listed and displayed in a graph format.

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Mobile Compatibility

The IDXmatrix is compatible with all your devices; your desktop, laptop, tablet, and your phone. Not only can you access our CRM on any device, anywhere, but you can also do so seamlessly.

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New Lead Alerts

The IDXmatrix makes sure that you will never miss an important update again. As soon as a new lead registers with you, the details are automatically uploaded to the CRM and a message is sent to the relevant agents by email and text alerting them to the acquisition of a new lead.

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3rd Party Lead Sourcing

The IDX Matrix is a fully comprehensive CRM system designed to make generating, managing, and organizing your leads in one place as easy as possible.

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Call to Lead From CRM

All you need to do is navigate to your lead’s ‘Full Details’ page and from here you can place a call with the simple click of a button.

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Bulk SMS Campaigning

By using the create groups function on our CRM you will have your leads organized into targeted groups. Our bulk SMS campaigns allow you to contact all relevant leads at once instead of individually.

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Lead Notification Text and Email to Agent

The IDX Matrix has a built-in Lead Notification function. Any time a new lead registers with your website, the corresponding agent will immediately receive an alert.

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Mask Agent Mobile Number With Our Virtual Number

Our software will generate a virtual number if required, when you contact a client via text or phone call this virtual number will be displayed.

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Call Forwarding

When your lead wants to get in touch, they can contact you on the virtual number provided and their message or call is relayed to your agent’s personal phone.

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Contacts Sync

his doesn’t just apply to leads but also to your colleagues, lenders, and other professional contacts. All the contacts that you have saved in other email and communication apps

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Calendar Sync

Once you have access to the IDX Matrix CRM you can easily navigate to the calendar page. From here you can import appointments made in different calendar apps into the CRM.

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Mail Sync

IDX Matrix is programmed to connect and sync with a wide variety of email providers, including; Gmail and Yahoo. Read More

Send Video Mail

Our CRM is fully integrated with BombBomb video mailing technology giving you the power to communicate. Video emails can be sent to individual clients or sent out in bulk.

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