We provide you with digital marketing solutions that are tailor made for the real estate industry. Our expert knowledge of the real estate sector and digital platforms allows us to offer the best product available. Our digital marketing solutions will maximise your visibility and generate more leads.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions will allow you to reach out and communicate with new clients.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions cover the complete range of different platforms, email, text, web, and social media. The powerful real estate software tools we provide you with make generating new leads and converting them into clients much easier.

Real Estate Lead Generation

We offer the most advanced Digital Marketing Platform

The IDXMatrix uses advanced technology providing your clients with an effective means of discovering their dream home. Present your real estate listings in an easy to navigate website to keep your clients coming back for more.

Generate higher quality real estate leads

We offer a fully comprehensive digital marketing package that will utilise data analysis techniques to identify and target key demographics. This scientific method ensures that the leads you generate are high quality and with a high conversion rate.

Gain the Competitive Edge

With the Digital Marketing Solutions provided by IDXMatrix, you will have a powerful toolbox at your disposal, providing you with the competitive edge.

Paid Advertising

Get instant real estate leads thanks to IDX Matrix’s marketing experts. We will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilises Pay Per Click (PPC) and other techniques to get you the most leads at the lowest costs.

Automate a wide range of tasks

The IDXMatrix does the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. Automated responses by texts and emails allow you to communicate with new leads instantly. Never let a potential client slip through your fingers again.

Social media marketing

Our Digital Marketing Solutions provide you with a range of tools that specifically target all the major social networks, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. This allows you to focus your marketing where your potential clients are already focusing their attention.

Smart Drip Plans

Create smart drip email marketing campaigns that target your leads according to where they are on the sales journey. Targeted digital marketing ensures a higher conversion rate, and helps turn leads into clients.

Blog and infographic promotion

The best way to reach a wide range of people and to generate high quality leads is to use a variety of different content types as part of your digital marketing plan. Our service offers you real estate software tools and advice on promoting your blogs and infographics.

Features of Digital Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Using our IDX Website Solutions all your Real Estate MLS listings are automatically indexed to your site. This gives your site great SEO and improves your Google ranking.

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Search Engine Marketing

IDX Matrix uses a variety of strategies to make sure your website is prominent on all the major search engines.

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SMM (Social Media Marketing)

If you want to connect with customers then social media is a must. We offer comprehensive social media marketing strategies that reach people on a variety of platforms.

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Bing Ads PPC (Real Leads)

Bing Ads allow you to bid on certain keyword search terms. IDX Matrix will help ensure that you win these auctions.

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Google Ads

Google Adwords allows businesses to bid on certain keyword search terms. IDX Matrix will help ensure that you win these auctions.

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SMO (Social media Optimization)

SMO is designed to make use of the reach of a variety of social media platforms to share your content, drive traffic to your real estate website, and to secure new leads.

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Facebook Marketing Tool

Facebook’s Marketing Tool allows you to create targeted ads that convert in no time at all. Our team of experts will help you create Facebook ads the draw in new leads.

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Linkedin Marketing Service

The IDXMatrix Digital Marketing Team will help you curate and promote relevant content to potential customers in linkedin.

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Twitter Marketing Service

The IDX Matrix allows you to easily share relevant content from your real estate lead generation website to Twitter. Our CRM system allows you to track and monitor your twitter analytics.

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Video Marketing service

Our Video Marketing Services helps you to share compelling and engaging video content on a wide range of social media channels.

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Craigslist Posting

The IDX Matrix team will make posting your listings to Craigslist as easy as possible for you. Simply go through your listings and select which ones you wish to be displayed on Craigslist.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be much more individual. Our custom email templates and automated mail outs make it easy to send relevant information to you leads.

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Automated Email Drip

You can use the IDX Matrix pre-installed email templates or you can create your own custom template for your real estate marketing strategy.

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Info Graphic Promotion

We then take these infogrpahics and promote them on a variety of social media channels to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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Automated Texting

IDX Matrix contains many features that help you communicate with your client. Automated SMS allows you to respond to your clients needs quickly and efficiently.

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Blog Promotion

Our blog promotion services use SEO to drive traffic to your blog and get your lead’s eyes on the page. We also utilise social media promoting your blogs across a wide range of channels.

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