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Custom Polygon Map Search allows users an easy facility to draw a polygon around their desired locations to view listings within the selected area.

Features of Custom Polygon Map Search: 

IDXMatrix websites provide users extensive search options to quickly locate the matching properties as per their search criteria. In addition to using sorting filters to search listings, the website also provides an advanced feature to draw a bounded polygon on a map to show all the available listings within the boundary of the polygon.  

  • This feature is useful for users who would like a more detailed search with area-specific requirements 
  • Enables using the chosen area within a map as the search filter 
  • Provides an easier way to search listings and within a geographic vicinity 
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How does Custom Polygon Map Search work: 

The Custom Polygon Map Search is used from the map view of the search page, and users can click on the Marquee to start drawing a polygon around the area they would like to search. The click generates a dot, which would be connected to the next dot by a line, and this is followed to create a polygon to enclose the search area. 

  • Ease of usage in defining a geographic area 
  • Users need to click on boundary points and the application would automatically generate an enclosed polygon 
  • All listings within the defined polygon boundary would appear as pointers on the map, which can be clicked to view the listing 

Benefits of Custom Polygon Map Search 

The Custom Polygon Map Search allows users to search by a defined geographic area or a neighborhood, allowing them to view all listings within the selected area. It is useful when the user is looking for properties that have the location as major criteria. 

  • Easy to use feature to search by location 
  • Helps view listings across multiple nearby locations 
  • Expands the functionality of sort filters which can only search for a specific location 


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