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Mortgage Calculator

Buying and selling property involves a great deal with money. Accurate calculations save a lot of time and spending. A Mortgage calculator displayed next to the property info comes very handy for instant buying decisions.

Features of Mortgage Calculator: 

The IDX Matrix-designed website comes with a mortgage calculator which can be used by the lead. A lead can figure out different payment options depending on the price of the property, down payment amount, the loan term and the rate of interest. 

The mortgage calculator gives a consolidated report of the approximate payments to be made. 

  • Total value of the property 
  • Amount for down payment 
  • Term of the loan 
  • Value depreciated 
  • Rate of Interest 
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How Mortgage Calculator Work: 

After shortlisting certain properties, a lead tries to calculate whether the property is affordable based on spending capacity. A mortgage calculator is provided next to the property information so that a lead does not have to use another device for calculations before taking a quick decision. 

Benefits of Mortgage Calculator: 

Mortgage calculators are great tools that are used in the real estate business to know the approximate amount towards the payment options available. 

  • What options is the lead looking for 
  • Offer various other options to the lead 
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