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Our mobile websites make life easier for your customers, which will help you boost sales.

Features of Mobile Optimization

We offer users a fantastic experience. Your website will be perfectly optimized and easy to use, whatever device it is accessed from. This seamless connectivity has been proven to help increase the number of leads generated. Our mobile websites make life easier for your customers, which will help you boost sales. An IDX Matrix website delivers an outstanding user experience, however they access the site.

  • Perfectly optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Create a better experience for your customers
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How Mobile Optimization works

IDX Matrix creates custom websites that are professionally designed and fully optimized for mobile. This means that when the site is accessed from a smartphone or tablet, the website will automatically reconfigure itself to fit the device it is being viewed on. Larger navigation buttons will be displayed, text will be reformatted, and images will be differently optimized to provide the best experience for your customers.

  • Re-configures website for mobile viewing
  • Website available on all smartphones and tablets
  • Easy to navigate on any device

Benefits of Mobile Optimization for end user

The internet is mobile. Smartphones are the number one way people now access the internet. If your website is designed primarily with desktop in mind, then it will look old-fashioned, out of date, and reflect poorly on you. An IDX Matrix website is cutting edge and offers a fantastic user experience.

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Reach more customers
  • Forward thinking designs
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