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By integrating websites with IDX Data, real agents and brokers can get access to the MLS data.

Features of Integrating with IDX Data: 

IDXMatrix-generated websites can be integrated with all the recent MLS data shared using IDX. This way, the real estate agents can show users the latest listings in desired area on their website, as per the updated MLS info. 

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How Integrating with IDX Data Works: 

Real Estate IDX is a set of policies and standards that MLS service providers, real estate agents, and brokers need to follow to access and share real estate listings from the MLS database on their own websites. By integrating your website with IDX Data, users of your website will be able to search through recent listings of an area, and properties that match their search criteria. 

Benefits of Integrating with IDX Data: 

By integrating websites with IDX Data, real agents and brokers can get access to the MLS data, and then showcase it on their websites for the users to search desirable properties by locality, city and budget. This information is crucial to a real estate agent’s business; hence it makes sense that their websites should also display the same info. 

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