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Ever changing customer’s demands requires everything in the business and service world to stay updated. Being updated is like staying connected with the present trend and demands.

Features of Frequent IDX Updates: 

IDX websites are constantly updated. New properties are added every hour to suit the need of the leads. If a lead has visited the IDX website and could not find a property in the required price or location range, there might be other properties of that range in the next hour. With the website being updated frequently, leads are sure to get what they are looking for.  

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How Frequent IDX Updates Work: 

As IDX Matrix-designed websites are integrated with backend data processing engines that speak to the MLS providers constantly to fetch new and updated records, a lead gets to see the latest property list from which the desired choice can be made. This way a lead makes frequent websites visits. The lead then adds the desired property to ‘favorites’, and the agent can access the leads information from the IDX CRM and strike a deal with the lead. 

Benefits of Frequent IDX Updates: 

Frequent updates benefit both the leads and the agents 

  • Updated information  
  • Maximum options for leads 
  • Repeated website visits 
  • New leads coming in every hour 
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