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Having an edge over competition in the real estate business is very vital. The IDX Matrix Websites’ ‘Favorites’ helps in staying focused on what is important for leads thus saving a lot of their time.

Features of Favorites: 

IDX website offers this feature which helps in saving the desired properties 

Leads can personalize their list of qualifying properties using ‘Favorites’. IDX Matrix-designed Websites allow leads to shortlist their favorite properties on their account. As the website gets frequently updated with new property list, revisiting a saved property is made easier when added to favorites.  

This feature is just like the ‘bookmarks’ on a browser. 

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How Favorites Work: 

When a website visitor wants to add a single or a list of properties to favorites list, a registration is prompted asking the visitor for some basic information. Once the registry is done, properties can be added to ‘Favorite’ by the lead. This information is saved on the IDX backend application. 

Let’s say, a lead has added a list of properties to ‘favorites’ list. This information is captured and reflected by the IDX CRM from where an agent can access it. This way, an agent can reach potential buyers. 

Benefits of Favorites: 

  • Bifurcates the hot leads from the others 
  • Personalized drip plan  
  • Stay ahead of time in reaching potential clients 
  • Customize your plan of action 
  • Know a leads spending capacity 
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