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Children are of primary importance for majority leads when planning to buy a property. A good school is as important as a good house. As IDX Matrix-designed website is integrated with ‘great schools’, it provides information on all the schools and their ratings that are around the property you are planning to buy.

Features of Accurate School Ratings: 

IDX Matrix-designed website come with the feature of accurate school ratings allowing your lead to choose the best school for their kids. This feature is just like google maps. It not only gives you the list of schools available but also their ratings. If a leads primary requisite is a good school, an agent can even show other properties which are close to a good school. Thus, the lead has more options and the probability of buying a property is more. This helps the agent to close deals more quickly. 

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How Accurate School Ratings Work: maintains the latest and the updated information on all the schools in the United States. IDX Matrix-designed websites are integrated with so that a lead gets authentic and the right information on schools around a property. 

Benefits of Accurate School Ratings: 

School ratings are of great importance as they describe  

  • Overall school performance 
  • Valuable information for leads 
  • Helps the agent to close deals faster 
  • Additional factor for buying or selling property 
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