How to Generate Real Estate Leads in 2020

Detailed listings from your MLS can be added to your real estate website. This can include a comprehensive and searchable database of your listings. It also gives you the option to highlight featured listings and to create custom neighbourhood pages.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads in 2020

Nurturing Old Leads 

We have already discussed the importance of old customers and the potential business they can bring to you; however, we tend to forget old leads. These are people who were once interested in doing business with you, but the arrangement fell out for some reason. Don’t forget these leads; nurture them. Keep them in the loop, maintain email contact with them, and keep making calls to know their updated status. You never know when their mind will change, and they decide to do business. 


Updated and Informative Website Content 

Another way to generate real estate leads online is to maintain an informative real estate related blog on your website. Using this blog, you can provide relevant and updated information about current trends in real estate, properties to invest in, upcoming areas, etc. to your users. Such articles make the users take better financial decisions and trust you as a well-informed realtor, which generates leads. 



Networking is the soul of real estate marketing. Real estate is a people business, so you need to build contacts among real estate professionals. You can build these contacts by visiting industry events, seminars, conferences, and membership group meetings. You can introduce yourself to potential partners and businesses that might want to work with you. 


Master a Niche 

One of the quickest ways of getting a unique image is to create a niche for yourself. You could start by selling properties of a specific type and build your reputation as someone who specializes in selling them. You can advertise your specialty using catchy monikers, such as the “King of Condos”. These nicknames stick in people’s mind and help recall you instantly the next time someone they know thinks of buying a condo. 


Reached Out to Expired Listings 

Another effective real estate lead generation strategy is contacting expired listings. These listings feature names of sellers who couldn’t sell their properties for some reason. Get in touch with them and see if you can help them sell. They are going to really appreciate doing business with you and will refer you to many similar potential sellers. 


Business cards 

Carrying a business card might seem outdated at first, but they add an image of professionalism to your sales pitch. As a real estate agent, you must have an awesome and professional looking business card which you can hand over to people while talking to them. 


Organize Educational Events 

There are many senior citizens living in retirement communities and old-age houses who would like to sell their properties, but don’t fearing the complex process. You can arrange educational events for them at their community houses, and educate them about the process of selling their properties through you. They will not only appreciate the help, but also provide you a lot of references and testimonials. 


Attend Open Houses 

Open houses are a good source of buyer and seller leads. The leads get the chance to visit the property and share their feedback. A good real estate agent gets to listen to this feedback and collect the pros and cons of the house. He can pass on this information to the seller to build trust and convert him into a lead. 


Social Media Advertising 

Today, you will hardly come across a person who isn’t using some social media platform or other. There is a huge potential of coming across people online who are looking to either buy or sell real estate properties there. You can also opt for targeted Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads to increase your reach and contact more such leads. 


Send Online Leaflets: 

Sending infographics and leaflets to prospects is a good way of targeting real estate leads based on specific demographics and audience. Leaflets use infographics which present information in image form, which compared to text, is processed much faster by brain. Such leaflets get more clicks and more reads than text messages. 


Partner Up with a Local Real Estate Dealers: 

Many people aren’t registered real estate agents but are interested in making money through commissions. You can partner with them on a profit-sharing basis and broaden your audience. These partners of yours will do all the lead nurturing, till you decide to step in to convert the lead to sales. This way, you can provide service in places where you couldn’t otherwise travel and meet people. 


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