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The IDX Matrix allows you to easily share relevant content from your website to Twitter.

Features of Twitter Marketing Service

The IDXMatrix allows you to easily share relevant content from your website to Twitter. Our real estate CRM system allows you to track and monitor your twitter analytics. By using the data provided by our real estate software you can select the most effective keywords and hashtags to target potential new leads.

  • Share your articles on twitter
  • Monitor Twitter analytics
  • Data driven marketing
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How Twitter Marketing Works

The analytics we provide you with make it simple for you to see which pieces of content are bringing in the most traffic and then be able to easily share that on Twitter. Gain insights on which tweets bring in new real estate leads, allowing you to promote your most effective content.

  • Gain insights into your followers behavior
  • Easy to share content that converts
  • Increase real estate leads to your business

Benefit of Twitter Marketing for end user

Twitter has 126 million active daily users. Our Twitter Marketing Service will put your content in front of those people. Twitter is where most professionals and home buyers spend their time online. Marketing directly to them helps to bring in high  quality real estate leads that covert.

  • Advertise to Twitter’s 126 million daily users
  • Target professionals and high earners
  • Generate leads that convert

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