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Using our IDX Website Solutions all your MLS listings are automatically indexed to your site.

Features of SEO for Real Estate (Search Engine Optimization)

Using our IDX Website Solutions all your Real Estate MLS listings are automatically indexed to your site. This gives your site great SEO and improves your Google ranking without having to wait months to appear in search results. Between SEO rich content and indexed listings, customers will easily be able to find you on Google and other search engines.

  • MLS listings indexed to your site
  • Makes your website easy to find
  • Rank high on Google
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How SEO works

Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing a website that utilizes keywords and backlinks to make your website appear higher on the page of search results. By indexing your property listings to your real estate site, anyone who searched for those types of properties will be directed to your website.

  • Appear higher on search engine results
  • Creates organic traffic
  • Brings in new customers

Benefits of SEO for the end user

Having great SEO on your website will drive organic traffic to your site without the need for complex and expensive marketing. Instead let the content of your site bring customers to you. Indexing MLS listings to your site provides you with ready-made SEO content that is bound to bring in new  leads.

  • Cost effective marketing
  • New Real Estate Lead Generation
  • Stand out from the competition

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