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No doubt, real estate text message marketing is the best way to engage leads via text with information about properties. Real estate texts are the best for agents to rely on mobile devices. It helps agents to respond to communication and actions to keep clients interested and increase sales. With our comprehensive solution, you can create SMS templates. These templates can be used while sending individual or bulk SMS.

Features of SMS Templates :

With the help of SMS templates feature, you can respond spontaneously to your clients with customized SMS templates. It’s quite easy to answer a few of the messages with personalized SMS. It saves your time and efforts. This feature allows your messages to be simple and to the point. They can be fit your voice, brand, and customer. Our lead management CRM is highly customized according to your business needs.

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IDX Matrix Video

How SMS Templates works:

You can send bulk SMS to customers. In IDX Matrix real estate CRM software, there is a great option to create new SMS template/customized it. You can select existing template option in send text, send bulk text.

Benefits of SMS Templates for Agent

  • There is a list of advantages you can get from using our real estate CRM.
  • You can send promotional text messages to contacts and your clients.
  • You can attract prospective client’s attention with extremely creative and brief text messages.
  • Easily keep track of conversations with message history.
  • Send greeting customized messages on valuable occasions and boost customer relationship.

So it’s the time to quit typing the same and same message and create templates which help you ease your work. Now you can create welcome, and post-sales thank you SMS templates in advance send them in real-time to your clients. We have made it easy for you to schedule it for clients in perspective time zones.

So what are you waiting for? You need to get control over your all conversations and connect with your prospects through powers channel of text messaging.

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