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Smart Drip Plans

A smart drip plan allows you to send a series of messages or ‘drips’ to your real estate leads and prospects.

Features of Smart Drip Plans:

A smart drip plan allows you to send a series of messages or ‘drips’ to your leads and prospects. This can be done over a period of time, for example, the first message might go out when they register, then another a few days later and then a third a week after that. Alternatively, a drip marketing campaign can be triggered by certain actions, the first being sent out when they sign up and subsequent messages sent every time they conduct a new search.

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How Smart Drip Plans Work:

Most people normally use drip marketing as an email campaign. The IDXmatrix is designed to help you create the most effective drip marketing campaign possible, helping you to convert more sales. You can use our pre-installed email templates or you can create your own custom template for your marketing strategy. You can then decide what triggers each email being sent, after a certain amount of time has elapsed or after a certain action is taken by your lead.

Benefits of Smart Drip Plans to Agent:

Drip marketing plans are one of the most time efficient means of communicating with clients. By selecting the particular criteria to trigger for an email being sent it gives your lead the impression you are responding to them individually. It is also an incredibly effective sales technique as each email being carefully targeted means you can send appropriate calls to action when your lead will be most responsive to them. IDXmatrix makes creating and executing a drip marketing campaign as easy as possible. Our ready-to-use email templates and automated mail outs provide you with the tools you need to run a successful campaign.

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