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Today we are blessed to have many different ways to communicate with each other.

Features of Send Text 

IDXmatrix makes communicating with your clients as simple as possible. Directly from your lead’s page in the CRM you can compose and send a text message making it easy to stay in contact with your leads and turn them into sales.

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How Send Text  Works:

Phones and computers have made it easy to get in touch with anyone, wherever they may be. Businesses often primarily communicate with their customers through email. There are many benefits to email, you can send lengthy and detailed information, include links to your website, and it isn’t as intrusive as a phone call which may come at in an inopportune time, when your customer can’t answer.

Email also has many drawbacks, people don’t always check their emails regularly, and such communications can seem formal and impersonal. Often the best way to communicate with your clients is via text and we make this quick and easy by allowing you to do so directly from our lead management CRM.

Benefits of Send Text  for end user:

If every time you want to text one of your clients, you have to pull out your phone, type in their number, double check you didn’t make any typos, all before even writing the message, it can eat up a lot of time. Especially when you are trying to text multiple leads. Our real estate software cuts out all the unnecessary steps in this process, making your job easier.

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