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New Lead Alerts

The IDXmatrix makes sure that you will never miss an important update again.

Features of New Lead Alerts:

The IDXmatrix makes sure that you will never miss an important update again. As soon as a real estate new lead registers with you, the details are automatically uploaded to the real estate CRM and a message is sent to the relevant agents by email and text alerting them to the acquisition of a new lead.

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How New Leads Alerts work:

New leads can register with you at any time, by receiving an alert to both your phone and your email account, you can access the information as soon as you are available to do so. You might come out of a meeting with a client, check your phone, see the new lead, and be able to arrange to meet them straight away without having to return to the office. If a new lead registers late into the evening, you will see the alert email as soon as you start work.

Benefits of New Lead Alerts to Agent:

Timely communication is key in relationship building and having a great rapport with your clients dramatically increases your chance of making a sale. With the IDXmatrix instant alerts set up you can be assured that you never miss a new lead and that all the information you require is instantly available. Being first to contact a new client and respond to their needs will set you apart from your competitors and impresses your clients with your professionalism.

There’s nothing worse than missing the chance to convert a new lead into a client. The instant alert system incorporated into the IDXmatrix ensures that this never happens. You are immediately informed of all new registrations by E-mail and SMS, this means that if your phone battery has died you won’t miss out. Or if your E-mail is playing up you will still get the alert.

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