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Mobile Compatibility

Being a realtor isn’t a desk job. It’s a job that requires you to get out and get stuck in.

Features of Mobile Compatibility:

The IDXmatrix is compatible with all your devices; your desktop, laptop, tablet, and your phone. Not only can you access our CRM on any device, anywhere, but you can also do so seamlessly. As soon as you update the CRM or a new lead is automatically generated, the new information is instantly available wherever you access it from on whatever device is most convenient for you to use.

Mobile Compatibility
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How Mobile Compatibility works:

We optimize our software for all devices. Whether you are accessing our CRM on your phone, tablet, or computer the information you require will all be there and presented in an easy-to-read format. No matter what device you are using we have designed a simple and intuitive interface, giving you a great user experience.

Benefits of Mobile Compatibility for Agent :

It is frustrating when you have to go back to the office between every meeting or viewing, to update files, and complete follow up paper work. Even worse than that, is getting to a meeting with a new client and not having all the information you need readily accessible. You’re a talented and hardworking agent, you can wing it, you know your pitch, and you can adapt it on the fly. However, sometimes they see through this or other times you are missing a vital piece of information that could have helped you land a sale there and then.

That’s why having our real estate CRM available on all your devices and able to sync any update instantly is so beneficial. You can do your work on the go, always have everything you need wherever you are, and it makes working with colleagues effortless. We understand that being a realtor doesn’t mean being stuck at a desk all day and our software reflects that.

Mobile Compatibility

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