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Mail Sync

The IDX Matrix allows you to easily send emails to your leads directly from the CRM.

Features of Mail Sync

When they reply, or if they just get in touch unprompted, their emails will be sent to your inbox. If you grant permission, the CRM will access your inbox from your email provider, and record conversations in CRM. This allows agents to see a complete communication history in one place.

  • Allow CRM to access your emails
  • Sync CRM with all major email providers.
  • Complete communication log in one place
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How Mail Sync works

IDX Matrix is programmed to connect and sync with a wide variety of email providers, including; Gmail and Yahoo. Connecting these different email apps and importing them into the CRM is as easy as clicking on a few buttons. This allows you to keep a record of all correspondence with the CRM.

  • Connect and sync mail from Gmail, Yahoo, and others
  • Easily sync mail with just a few clicks
  • See all communications in CRM

Benefits of Mail Sync for end user

When speaking with a client it’s useful to have all your previous correspondence in front of you. That way if they ask you about something you have the previous emails available for reference. Our mail sync feature makes this possible.

  • Be able to refer to previous emails
  • Never be caught off guard
  • Be able to provide clients with everything they need to know
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