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Lender Management

Managing your relationships with lenders is of primary importance to running a real estate business.

Managing your relationships with lenders is of primary importance to running a real estate business. Nearly all property sales will have the involvement of a lender. The lender will need to compile information relating to the leads credit score and financial status. Keeping track of all the various forms that need to be filled out and what needs to be sent when can quickly become an organisational nightmare. Thanks to IDX Matrix’s CRM system this task has never been easier.

IDX Matrix provides you with a comprehensive CRM system that will allow you to manage relationships with lenders assisting the overall running of your business. Information can be organised by lender or by property. You can order search results for various properties by loan status allowing you to easily identify which ones are progressing and which ones need to be chased up.

For any of your leads, you will be able to record all the essential information, in such a way that it can be readily accessed when you need it. No longer will you have to pour over pages and pages of data to find what you are looking for and then have to communicate that to the lender. Our fully integrated CRM system allows you to grant access to the contact details of leads to their lenders. This system allows you, your client, and the lender to all communicate in real time, removing the hassle from the process, allowing you to complete the sale quicker.

The database in the CRM is fully searchable and offers a variety of filters. You can access information about contact details, collaborating with team members, property information, and keep track of what tasks have been completed and which ones are still outstanding. IDXMatrix CRM allows you to organise your communication between lead and lender easily

Lenders can go through lead pages finding the easiest way to communicate with them, whether that is by phone, text, or email. Lenders can use the information you have provided them with to send out bulk mails and find information such as assigned leads count. They can also transfer leads to another lender if required.

Lender Management