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Lender Accountability

Lenders have their own clients and their own business to worry about.

Features of Lender Accountability

The IDX Matrix CRM allows you to see the lenders available and the real estate leads already assigned to them. It also logs all communications, the number of texts, calls, and emails sent are listed and displayed in a graph format. The information can be accessed with just a quick glance at the Lender Accountability tab.

  • See availability of lenders
  • Know which lender has been assigned to each lead
  • Displays communication history


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How Lender Accountability works

The Lender Accountability tab will show you how many lenders are available and how many leads are assigned to each lender. Using this information you can ensure that all your communications are accurate and efficient. By being able to access this data easily, it makes deciding which lender to assign a new lead a simple and straightforward process.

Benefits of Lender accountability for end user

Dealing with multiple leads and lenders can be a nightmare. With different leads assigned to different lenders, it is all too easy to send the wrong information to the wrong person. Not only does this slow sale completion it could also cause you to be in breach of data confidentiality rules. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance that all the material relating to lenders is organised well. You need a CRM that provides a built in system that allows you to view all the information relating to the lenders you are working with.

  • Organize multiple lenders and leads
  • Helps protect data confidentiality
  • Communicate easily with all parties

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