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Lead Transfer

Managing leads well is one of the most important aspects of being able to convert those leads into prospective customers.

Features of Lead Transfer

Using our Real Estate CRM software you can transfer leads from one agent to another instantly. IDX Matrix CRM is specifically designed to facilitate working between a broker and team of agents. Sometimes certain agents are better equipped to manage certain clients, Lead Transfer allows you to assign each lead to the best agent.

  • Instantly transfer leads from one agent to another
  • Facilitates co-operative working
  • Helps distribute work loads
Lead Transfer
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How does Lead Transfer work

The process of reassigning leads to different agents is simple and straightforward. Once our best realtors CRM has captured all the lead’s details they are automatically collated and easily viewable on one page. From here you can transfer the lead to an agent with the simple click of a button.

  • Easy for brokers to assign leads to agents
  • See all lead details on one page
  • Assign leads with one click

Benefits of Lead Transfer to end user

Having all agents able to access the CRM database allows a wider number of people to view the data. This reduces the chances of important pieces of information being overlooked. If an agent goes on holiday or is absent from work due to sickness, then it is important not to let their leads feel ignored. Using the Real Estate CRM you can temporarily transfer a lead to a different agent to prevent this from happening.

  • Reduces chance of information being missed
  • Allows temporary transfers
  • Help maintain good communication with clients
Lead Transfer Flow

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