Lead source capture

Your potential customers right now are sitting at home on their computers.

Your potential customers right now are sitting at home on their computers or maybe sitting on the bus using their phones, starting their search for a new property to buy. They have seen your website and they have looked through your listing, but this isn’t all they have done. Its so easy for your customers to access so much information with just a few clicks, that they are not going to look just at your listing but also at those of your competitors.

Perhaps your listing stands out, maybe you have the perfect property for them and they are more than willing to fill out all their details to register with you, or even send an email or phone you up. Those customers just fall into your lap and making a sale is child’s play, but those customers alone won’t make a successful and profitable business.

Many potential customers will fall through your fingers, because they decide to go with a competitor because they are not quite ready to fill the form or data. Having IDXMatrix running your operation behind the scenes can help you get your foot in the door. By allowing new leads to sign up with a click of the button and providing their details from either their Facebook or Google accounts, it makes it so easy for them that they might as well, even if that wasn’t their intention to begin with.

It also makes life much easier for you. Rather than you customer just providing you with their name and email address all their data from the selected account will be automatically transferred to your CRM, easy for your to access and put to use to turn that lead into a sale.

Lead source capture