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Lead source capture

Your potential customers right now are sitting at home on their computers.

Features of Lead Source Capture

All the information about any new leads generated will be captured by our IDXmatrix real estate CRM and used to generate a lead source report. This report is easy to access, can help you understand what the client is looking for, and how best you should proceed. Each lead that registers with your website will capture the source of the lead, weather Facebook, Google.

Lead source capture
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How Lead Source Capture works:

When a new lead visits your site, our real estate software prompts them to register and provide their details. This is done either by manually entering their details or they can provide this information with one click, linking to either their Facebook Google. By making this process as easy as possible our real estate software will greatly increase the number of leads you can generate.

It will also provide you with record of the particular social accounts that your clients use to register.

Benefits of Lead Source Capture for Agent :

Using our lead source capture feature will provide you with real time information about where your leads are coming from and their preferred social media networks. This information can be highly profitable as it tells you a lot about your user. Knowing which social media they use tells you about their preferred communication techniques.

Having an easily accessible database that tells you where your leads came from can help you to focus your marketing strategy towards those particular channels. For example, if you see that a large percentage of your leads register using their Facebook details, you know that this is a popular social media channel for your clients and you can target them with direct advertising.

Lead source capture

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