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Lead Prioritization

The purpose of IDXmatrix CRM is to help you organise and manage your data.

Features of Lead Prioritization:

The purpose of IDXmatrix best real estate CRM software is to help you organise and manage your data. By managing all of your leads in one place our system allows you to effectively prioritize your workload. The Lead Prioritization feature helps you to target your efforts and to close more deals. This feature will allow you to work strategically and efficiently. By prioritizing prospects based on their buying intent, our CRM software empowers your agents to action tasks targeted at leads that are the most likely to be converted into sales.

Our top real estate CRM system will track the frequency of site visits by each individual lead and uses its internal algorithm to determine their level of interest. With this data collected your leads can now be automatically organised and prioritized to produce the best results.

IDX Matrix Video
IDX Matrix Video

How Lead Prioritization works:

As a lead’s interest grows and they become a higher priority you can be automatically alerted to take action, or IDXmatrix can initiate your drip marketing strategy. By being able to adjust your strategy in line with real time updates you can greatly increase your conversion rates. Leads that increase their sites visits, in either total terms or frequency, show a higher level of engagement and will be more likely to complete a sale. Our system allows you instant access to this information.

Benefits of Lead Prioritization to end user:

You don’t want to put all of your resources into working on a lead that was just browsing and has no intention of actually making a purchase. By using our real estate CRM software you will know exactly where and when to target your resources to achieve the highest level of sales.

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