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Lead Notification Text and Email to Agent

The IDX Matrix has a built-in Lead Notification function.

Features of Lead Notification

Any time a new lead registers with your website, the corresponding agent will immediately receive an alert. The CRM will send notifications via both text and email.

Lead Notification Text and Email to Agent
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How Lead Notification works

Lead Notification is a pre-installed tool that comes as standard with the IDX Matrix system. There is no need for you to install or set-up this functionality; it will be ready to go as soon as you are. When a new client registers with your website the corresponding agent will receive a text and email.

  • No need to install or set up
  • Comes ready to use
  • Instant notifications by text and email

Benefits of Lead Notification

Communication delays can lose clients. When someone shows an interest in your website, you need to show interest in their custom. When a new lead registers with your website you need to respond and take action immediately. Our Lead Notification tool makes sure that you never miss a new lead. To ensure that your agent sees the notification, we send it via text and email. Phone batteries die and emails go unchecked, but by alerting your agents with both the chances of them missing the alert are slim to none. 

  • Ensures immediate notification of new leads
  • Contacts agents by text and email, so they don’t miss alerts.
  • Allows you to provide great communication to your clients
  • Helps you retain new clients
  • Prevents leads from feeling under appreciated
Lead Notification Text and Email to Agent

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