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Leads are not just potential sales; they are individuals with a wide range of interests and concerns.

Features of Lead Full Details

The Lead Full Details page provides everything you could ever need to know about your lead. The history tab will give you access to all previous communications, but you can also see what tasks are outstanding and what priority they are. You can see leads’ recent website visits and property searches, their most popular searches, and which properties they viewed. It also allows you to access data on Lead Mind Set and to create E-alerts, ensuring you complete all tasks on schedule.

  • All the information about your leads on one page
  • See communication history, website visits, and searches
  • Access lead analysis data
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How Lead Full Details works

Within the CRM there is a section that lists All Leads, by clicking this and finding the name of the particular lead you are dealing with, you can then access a wealth of information about that client. This information will include a record of all communication, whether by Call, Text, or email. It will also show you how often they visit your site and what pages they view. Detailed information on the types of searches they carry out is readily available.

  • Information available at the click of a button
  • Access unique insights into your clients
  • Manage tasks effectively

Benefits of Lead Full Details for end user

To convert leads, you need to access all their information rapidly, so you know the best course of action to take to make a sale. You not only need to know about previous contact with the lead but you need to go further back to know things like what type of property they are looking for. Our CRM offers you all this information.

  • Have access to the information you need to convert leads
  • Understand your clients better
  • Access customer preferences and interests
Lead Full Details

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