Lead Capture

There’s a very simple secret to generating new leads.

There’s a very simple secret to generating new leads. When someone is browsing your listings, you need them to be sufficiently interested to provide you with their details. If you provide them with too much information without prompting them to register, they can disappear without a trace. They know everything about the properties you are listing, but you know nothing about them. There’s no way you can chase them up and make a sale. Once they’ve thought about it they might get in touch, but they might not. In the interim period they might see another property they like more, or they might see an advert from one of your competitors and go with them.

The secret to getting their new leads is to peak their curiosity. Using our software every lead that visits your website or checks your listings will be able to view the properties that peak their interests, but to get the full details they will need to register. They see a picture of the perfect future home and they want to know more. Registering is easy all they have to do is type in their basic details or with one click they can provide you with their data from social accounts and then they get to view the full details of the property that interests them.

This serves two purposes. By getting them to register they are subconsciously making a minor commitment to that property and to your real estate agency. Meaning they are much more likely to follow up on the property they have viewed. Also the IDXmatrix will capture all the data they provide at registration and import it into your CRM. This makes it all quickly and easily accessible and if they don’t contact you, then you have all the information you need to get in touch with them and convert that new lead into a client.

Lead Capture