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Import/Export Leads

The IDXmatrix CRM is designed to be an all in one system that can provide all your administrative needs.

Features of Import/Export Leads:

The IDXmatrix CRM allows you to import leads from an excel spreadsheet. If the leads are stored in other software, then move to them Excel first, from here you can import all the data into our CRM in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. If for any reason you need to export the data, for creating a backup or other purpose, then you can export to Excel in CSV format just as easily as you can import.

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How Import/Export Leads works:

The IDXmatrix CRM is designed to be an all in one system that can provide all your administrative needs. Leads come from a variety of sources and we design our CRM to capture those leads automatically as far as is possible. When you first upgrade to our CRM you’ll want to import of all your existing leads into the system. If an agent comes over from another firm of if you merge with another brokerage they will have all of their leads stored on an Excel sheet or in some other format. These leads are potential gold and you don’t want to lose them, neither do you want to have to waste time finding them on some out-dated, clumsy, software.

Benefits of Import/Export Leads to Agent :

With our easy-to-use import/export system you can make sure you have all your data stored in one place, easy to access, and ready to use.

Import/Export leads

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