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Many of the tasks that you have to complete as a real estate agent have to be completed numerous times for each new lead you generate.

Features of Email Templates:

The IDXmatrix realtor CRM comes with a variety of ready-made email templates, which are pre-installed and quick to access. There are templates available for all the most common types of email that a broker needs to send, such as welcoming new leads, providing customers with information on how to contact an agent, or detailing how to book a viewing. With our wide array of email templates you’ll never need to write any standard email again. You can even add your own custom templates, so anything more specific only needs to be done once.

IDX Email Templates
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How Email Templates work:

With the email templates we provide and your custom templates set up, communicating with your clients has never been easier. The templates can quickly be amended with relevant details and then sent out to multiple leads at once. This makes your life easier and your work much more productive. If you have got several new leads, then you can click on the welcome email template and then send to all new real estate leads, rather than having to type out the same email several times.

Benefits of email template for end user:

No longer will you have to spend hour after hour writing out the same generic emails. Having to do monotonous work takes up valuable time. It can also drain your motivation and drastically limit your productivity. If you can work more efficiently, you can be more productive and more profitable.

Using our simple to access templates you can free up more time for lead generation and most importantly for making sales. We understand that the less admin work you have to do, the more successful you can be. The IDXmatrix CRM is a straightforward piece of software that gives you want you need when you need it.

Email Templates

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