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Every customer is unique, what they are looking for in their dream home

Every customer is unique, what they are looking for in their dream home, what their priorities are, will all depend on their particular circumstances and values. Some people might just want a roof over their heads at the best price available. Other will want to know about local schools and amenities. Clients might have a particular image in their mind of their ideal house and are willing to wait until a property comes along that matches that vision. With this being the case you won’t always have the right property available for your client as soon as they register.

While every customer is a unique individual they often have a lot in common too. A married couple with 2 children will often be looking for a 3-bedroom house. A young single professional will be looking for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre. You know the importance of building a relationship with your client and treating them as an individual. However, if you complete every task with just one customer in mind at a time, you will end up repeating tasks over and over again.

The IDXmatrix CRM allows you to create groups according to your clients search criteria. If you have multiple people looking for 3 bedroom houses, or a number of clients looking to get a city centre apartment, then these can be put into separate groups. The advantage of this is that when a new property becomes available, or there is an open house, that meets your clients search criteria, our system will automatically perform a bulk mail out to those who might be interested.

Create Groups