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Contacts Sync

The IDX Matrix CRM is designed to store and organize all your contact information in one place.

Features of Contacts Sync

This doesn’t just apply to leads but also to your colleagues, lenders, and other professional contacts. All the contacts that you have saved in other email and communication apps can be easily imported into our CRM, so they can be accessed when you need them.

  • Have all your contacts in the CRM
  • Import and export contacts from other email like Gmail
  • Store and organize all your information in our CRM
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How Contacts Sync works

By simply navigating to the contacts page you will see an import/export option. Click this and select import, then choose where you want to import contacts from. Our software is able to import contact information from Gmail, Yahoo and all the other commonly used email and contact apps.

Benefits of Contacts Sync

Importing your contacts into our CRM means they are always just a click away. No need to waste time opening different apps and looking for important contact details.

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