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IDX Matrix CRM

Call to Leads from CRM

The IDX Matrix CRM allows your agents to make phone calls to leads directly from the CRM.

Features of Call Leads from CRM

All you need to do is navigate to your lead’s ‘Full Details’ page and from here you can place a call with the simple click of a button.

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How Calling Leads from CRM works

To access the call feature on the IDXMatrix realtors CRM all you need to do is log in then navigate to the ‘All Leads’ page. From here, identify the particular lead that you are looking for and click on their name. This will open up the lead’s full details page. On this page you can simply press a button to be connected to your lead.

Benefits of Calling Leads from CRM for the end user

Constant communication is a key aspect of being a real estate agent. Anything that can make contacting leads quicker, easier, and more efficient, is of huge benefit to you. Having to dial all your clients manually can be time consuming, especially if you accidentally call the wrong number. When you are on the phone with your leads, you want to have all the relevant details available right in front of you. By making the call from your lead’s ‘full detail page’ that will always be the case.

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