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Call Forwarding

When you contact a client through the IDX Matrix CRM, either by text or by calling, a virtual number is generated by our system.

Features of Call Forwarding

When your lead wants to get in touch, they can contact you on the virtual number provided and their message or call is relayed to your agent’s personal phone.

  • Personal numbers are masked with virtual numbers
  • Protect agents privacy
  • Clients calls and messages are forwarded to your personal phone
Call Forwarding
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How Call Forwarding works

The IDXMatrix allows you to contact your leads directly from the CRM; you can do this either as a phone call or a text message. By calling your clients directly from the CRM, you avoid having to send them your personal number. Instead, our system generates a virtual number, which will be displayed to the person you are contacting. When your client tries to contact you, using the virtual number, the call will be redirected to the personal phone linked to the account.

  • Contact leads from CRM with virtual number
  • Calls and messages to virtual number are forwarded to original number

Benefits of Call Forwarding for end user

One of the primary benefits of our Call Forwarding service is that it protects your agents’ right to privacy, while still allowing easy communication between them and their leads. A further benefit is that if the agent assigned to a lead changes, then the new agent can be contacted on the same virtual number. This allows for seamless communication.

  • Protects agent’s right to privacy
  • Allows seamless communication
  • Makes keeping in contact easy for agent and client
Call Forwarding

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