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Calendar Sync

These days there are as many different calendar apps as there are things to do.

Features of Calendar Sync

Perhaps you save your personal calendar items on your Google calendar, and perhaps a client or colleague sends you a meeting request on Outlook. Having all your appointments saved in different places guarantees that you will either get double booked or something will be forgotten entirely. That’s why our calendar syncs with your other calendars like appointments in Google calendar can by synced to the CRM and any events, tasks, or to-dos created in the CRM will be synced to your Google calendar, or other calendar app.

  • Sync Google/other calendars
  • Import appointments from other apps
  • Never miss another meeting
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How Calendar sync works

Once you have access to the IDX Matrix CRM you can easily navigate to the calendar page. From here you can import appointments made in different calendar apps into the CRM. The appointments will still be available in each calendar separately, but now all appointments will be available in the CRM.

  • Make sure you never get double booked
  • Sync calendars from Google, Yahoo, and other providers
  • Keep your schedule well organized

Benefits of Calendar Sync for end users

Forgetting an appointment or having to cancel because you double booked is a quick way to lose clients. Ensure that never happens with the IDX Matrix Calendar Sync.

  • All appointments in one place
  • Easy to prioritize
  • Show clients they are important to you
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