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Bulk SMS Campaigning

The IDXMatrix CRM allows you to create groups of leads based on demographic similarities or on similar search preferences.

Features of Bulk SMS Campaigns

Once you have these groups set up, knowing that they will be looking for similar properties, you can send a bulk SMS to every member of the group.

Bulk SMS Campaigning
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How Bulk SMS Campaigns work

When you add a new property to your listings, or if you want to promote an open house, informing every relevant client one-by-one would take forever. By using the create groups function on our CRM you will have your leads organized into targeted groups. Our bulk SMS campaigns allow you to contact all relevant leads at once instead of individually. This targeted approach is more effective and less time consuming. 

  • Advertise new properties directly and easily
  • Keep your clients updated
  • Contact multiple leads at once

Benefits of Bulk SMS Campaign for end user

Our bulk SMS campaigns allow you to communicate more efficiently and to target your most relevant leads. When a new property is added to your listings you don’t want to have to waste hours going through all your leads finding out which ones are suitable and then contacting them each individually. Instead our system allows you to have your leads already categorized into relevant groups and then enables you to send out bulk text messages to those groups.

  • Allows efficient communication
  • No need to contact each lead individually
  • Saves time and effort
Bulk SMS Campaigning

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