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IDX Matrix CRM is super-efficient and offers the users with the facility to send bulk emails to their lead groups.

Features of Bulk Mail

IDX Matrix CRM is super-efficient and offers its users with the facility to send bulk emails to their lead groups. We understand that when running in-depth marketing campaigns sending just one email at a time is far too slow. That’s why we’ve introduced the bulk emails feature to improve businesses functionality.

  • Run extensive marketing campaigns
  • Save time and work more efficiently
  • Send up to 1000 emails at a time
Bulk Email with IDXMatrix
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How Bulk Mail works

Bulk mail sending is beneficial for agents and brokers by allowing them, in just one click, to send out information on new properties to all the interested leads. . IDX Matrix understands the need and importance of communication with customers in any business scenario. Email is often the best and most convenient way to contact your leads. IDX Matrix offers an option of using email to reach your thousands of customers by sending mass emails. You can create an auto responder, schedule mass emails, and can easily create custom email templates.

Benefits of Bulk Mail for end user

Bulk mail is a great way to run an email based marketing campaign. Create custom templates that will automatically be delivered at a certain time or when clients perform a particular action. For example if a client searches for 2 bedroom properties an email can be automatically sent out showing them other 2 bedroom properties in the same area. Use this tool to create bespoke email marketing campaigns.

  • Bespoke email marketing campaigns
  • Automated communication
  • Send relevant and targeted emails in bulk

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