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 Auto SMS Response

Are you looking for the best way to turn real estate internet lead into “Your Hot Appointments?” You are at the right place!

With IDX Matrix CRM software, you can convert your leads into sales. According to a survey, SMS texts are 97% better than emails. SMS texts have a higher impact as compared to emails. To handle all your leads, it’s necessary to have auto SMS response software that can help you instantly reply to leads and convert them into sales. Agents can have multiple conversations with leads via CRM at a time. With the help of powerful CRM, it can be ensured that multiple conversations are correctly handled.

We have introduced a solution that can help leads and agents to connect and set an appointment accordingly. If any lead replies back for SMS which is sent through the CRM, we will record the data and presented to lead history tab. It’s just that simple.

Features of  Auto SMS Response:

  • An agent can see activity history in Lead History Tab.

  • Can record all replies sent to Agent and present individually.

IDX Auto SMS Response
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How  Auto SMS Response Works:

Auto-response feature works great. An agent can auto-response to all client’s messages accordingly. An agent can see all SMS activity history in lead history tab. Yes, you can easily monitor your activities with your client.

Benefits of  Auto SMS Response for Agent :

  • An agent can watch out history activity.

  • If any lead response you back, you can get all conversation history in your tab.

  • Monitoring conversation with your clients is easy and manageable.

  • You can even promote special offers with auto-response SMS feature.

We have designed IDX Matrix CRM by keeping in mind your business needs and convenience.

Auto SMS Response

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