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Auto Email Response

The IDXmatrix CRM is designed to make generating and capturing leads as simple and easy as possible.

Features of Auto Email Response :

The IDXmatrix CRM system is set up to email every new lead that registers on your website automatically. Clients often conduct property searches out of office hours, so having an automated system in place is essential for making first contact with new leads. With our real estate CRM software in place you can start building a rapport with new clients whilst having dinner with your family.

Auto email response
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How Auto Email Response works:

You can use one of the many email templates that our real estate crm software offers, or create your own standard welcome email. This will then be sent to every new lead as soon as they register.  You can even have different email templates set up to go to new leads depending on what criteria they meet. You could have different emails for people in different areas or emails tailored to what type of property they are looking for.

Benefits of Auto Email Response for end user:

Having a great website full of fantastic properties isn’t always enough to land a client or close a deal.  Often what it requires is for you to build a strong rapport with your client so you have their trust and they want to go through this process with you. An important element in building this relationship is to respond to your client in a timely fashion. If they have to wait around for days to hear from you, it can create a negative impression. If during that time they have heard from another broker then you will more than likely have lost the client.

The IDXmatrix CRM makes generating and capturing leads simple and easy. We understand that getting a lead is only the first battle in the war. That’s why we also prioritize communicating and relationship building, so you can gain your client’s trust and make more sales.

Auto email response

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