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IDX Matrix will provide you with a custom website and corresponding marketing campaign. This is guaranteed to help bring in new real estate leads.

Features of All Leads

Prompted by an online form, visitors to your website will register their interest. Their details, email, phone number, ect are instantly transferred into the CRM. From here you can categorise them (hot lead/potential/watch) and prioritize your responses. Our real estate CRM allows you to send an automated response according to their communication preferences. Contact can be made either by text or email, or depending what bests suits your customer.

  •  Online form makes it easy for visitors to register
  •  All contact details are instantly transferred to CRM
  •  Allows automated responses
All Leads in CRM
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How all Leads Works

The online form we provide can be promoted with well-timed pop ups that prompt your visitors to register while they are viewing properties that interest them. This information is then recorded in your CRM so you can place the new lead directly into a sales funnel. The CRM that we provide you with will record all the data relating to their use of your website. This will include what properties they viewed and the details of those properties. This way as soon as they have registered you will know exactly what they are looking for and how best to contact them.

  • Makes putting new leads into your sales funnel easy
  • Well timed pop ups encourage visitors to register
  • Captures data about website use

Benefits of all Leads for the end user

This is guaranteed to help bring in new real estate leads. When people visit your site it’s no good for you if they just browse the site, leave, and then you have no way of following up with them. That’s why all of our individually designed websites have a registration form that is simple to complete and will encourage your visitors to leave their details.

  • Increases lead capture ratio
  • Allows follow ups with site visitors
  • Makes communicating with new leads easy
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