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Agent Accountability

The IDXmatrix enables you to keep track of what tasks your agents have completed.

Features of Agent Accountability

The IDXmatrix enables you to keep track of what tasks your real estate agents have completed, how quickly work is progressing, and allows you to monitor the distribution of work within your organisation. While maintaining a database with information about your real estate leads is clearly important, it is equally important to have up-to-date information about the work you are undertaking. Our real estate CRM software provides you with easy access to this data, allowing you to make strategic choices about how best to grow your business and increase profitability.

Agent Accountability
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How Agent Accountability works:

IDXmatrix is easy to navigate and with just a few simple clicks it will provide you with reports on work completed and in the process of being completed. IDXmatrix generates reports on a variety of data points, such as; how many emails or text messages an agent has sent or how many leads have been assigned to each agent. It creates these reports with graphs to present to you the information in a manner that is quick and easy to digest.

Benefits of Agent Accountability to Agent:

Having this information available to you prevents an unequal distribution of work throughout your real estate brokerage. Having some agents overworked, and some under worked is highly inefficient, but our software can help prevent this becoming a problem. Measuring your agents productivity helps to motivate them and keep them focused on the task at hand. The reports generated by our system allows you to see which agents and most capable of which tasks. This information can help you in deciding how to distribute work to individual agents. It can also highlight areas where further training may be required or what tasks might benefit from more collaborative working.

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