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3rd Party Lead Sourcing

The IDX Matrix is a fully comprehensive CRM system designed to make generating.

Features of 3rd Party Lead Sourcing

The IDX Matrix is a fully comprehensive real estate CRM system designed to make generating, managing, and organizing your leads in one place as easy as possible. That’s why we enable you to import leads from third party sources such as Zillow, Trilia, and

  • Fully comprehensive CRM
  • See all your leads in one place
  • Import from 3rd party sources
3rd Party Lead Sourcing
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How 3rd Party Lead Sourcing works

Using our simple and straightforward interface, with just a few clicks you can get the CRM to import 3rd party leads from sources like, Zillow, and Trilia. The marketing and promotion you carry out on 3rd party sites can easily be incorporated into our realtors CRM so that all your leads are available in one directory.

  • Importing 3rd party leads is simple and easy
  • Import from, Zillow, and Trulia
  • All leads accessible in one place

Benefits of 3rd Party Lead Sourcing for end user

As a realtor it’s important to cast a wide net and look for leads in a variety of places. 3rd party sites like are well established, rank highly on Google, and have a large marketing budget. Using these sites to generate leads is an essential aspect of marketing your brokerage. Once you have discovered some new leads from these sites you will want to get them into your sales funnel and have your agents contact them. Our real estate CRM lets you import all that information so following up with new leads is a painless process.

  • Keep all leads organized in one place
  • Easily put new leads into your sales funnel
  • Take advantage of all marketing opportunities
3rd Party Lead Sourcing

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