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IDX Matrix Real Estate IDX Website with Lead Management CRM

INTRODUCTION IDX Matrix is a one-stop solution for all real estate related software problems.  We provide customized WordPress plugins for your website. Our WordPress plugins can integrate with any RETS data. We can also provide a custom-made website for your real estate business, which comes integrated with Lead Management CRM( Customer Relationship Management) that helps […]

Real estate lead generation strategies in 2021

Real estate development is a multiple-step process. The same can be lengthy, risky and complicated. One must have a proper plan to run to grow in this direction. Being successful in this field needs an equal amount of hard work and clever work. Every coin has two sides so does the real estate business. Those […]

4 Proven Tips to Sustain your Real Estate Business in the Midst of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions of people across the world, bringing economies to a grinding halt and causing losses estimated to be upwards of trillions of dollars. The outcome of COVID-19 has not only been felt by companies that have temporarily closed their establishments but has also impacted the service sectors as well as individuals who run their […]

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business?

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business? Are you thinking about the heavy competition in the real estate market? how to grow real estate business? Grow your real estate business using with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing etc… But have no idea what to do! […]

7 Ways CRM Software Can Change Your Real Estate Business

The real estate business is a highly customer-centered industry, which is why it is essential that you stay on top of your clients’ information and contact details. It is crucial that you are aware of their financial resources and their long-term requirements if you are to provide them with the top class service. Having a […]

How to Manage Real Estate Leads with CRM

As a real estate agent it is your job to manage and organize multiple different leads. You could have anywhere between a dozen and hundreds of different leads, all coming to you from multiple sources. This can make managing them a difficult and confusing task