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Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaigns during COVID-19

One of the harshest impacts of COVID-19 on the Real Estate sector has been on personal lead interactions due to the prevalent restrictions on travel and transport. This has made Real Estate agents look into online ways to acquire and cultivate leads, as both buyers and sellers are focusing on communicating through digital channels. This makes it essential for them to design marketing campaigns that give optimal customer engagement through social media, emails, phone, and video calls.  […]

Best ways for Online Real Estate Marketing during COVID-19

The spring season of 2020 was expected to see a surge in the Real Estate sector as before, but the COVID-19 pandemic created an unexpected national lockdown that brought the economy to a grinding halt. Real Estate sales dropped across all states, and potential buyers and sellers began to move away from the market, as fears of financial security and future market value of the property became the primary […]

Top Essential Features of a Real Estate CRM Solution

Real Estate Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM) are becoming increasingly popular amongst realtors and real estate agencies as they help in easy lead management, communication and also have integrated performance tracking capabilities. They help in better managing leads, agents, lenders, transactions, documents along with having built-in features for analyzing traffic and sales metrics. From our analysis of the currently available solutions, we present a few essential features of a Real Estate CRM that would […]

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business?

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business? Are you thinking about the heavy competition in the real estate market? how to grow real estate business? Grow your real estate business using with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing etc… But have no idea what to do! […]