Lead Generation

Real Estate Drip Marketing Campaigns during COVID-19

One of the harshest impacts of COVID-19 on the Real Estate sector has been on personal lead interactions due to the prevalent restrictions on travel and transport. This has made Real Estate agents look into online ways to acquire and cultivate leads, as both buyers and sellers are focusing on communicating through digital channels. This makes it essential for them to design marketing campaigns that give optimal customer engagement through social media, emails, phone, and video calls.  […]

Best ways for Online Real Estate Marketing during COVID-19

The spring season of 2020 was expected to see a surge in the Real Estate sector as before, but the COVID-19 pandemic created an unexpected national lockdown that brought the economy to a grinding halt. Real Estate sales dropped across all states, and potential buyers and sellers began to move away from the market, as fears of financial security and future market value of the property became the primary […]

Using Video Mails, Virtual Tours, RON and E-Closing for more Real Estate Leads

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the way businesses are performing globally, with the harshest impact being felt due to restrictions and inhibitions on face-to-face communication. The real estate sector had been facing a major crisis, with a sharp decline in the number of buyers-as many people are not keen on investing in properties at this stage. Also, with travel restrictions and social distancing in […]

12 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Real Estate lead generation strategies are evolving constantly. Ideas that have worked in the past might not completely work today. Real estate agents are always looking for new ways of lead generation. These might include a blend of traditional and online real estate lead generation ideas. In other words, you can call them lead generation tools.  Given below are some of the 12 best […]

Top 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies in 2020

The biggest challenge for realtors in today’s competitive real estate business, is constantly generating new leads. In such a combative industry, creating new leads is a matter of not only good business, but ultimate survival. As the new year is about to dawn on us, we list down the best effective strategies in to generate […]

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business?

Are you striving hard to grow your real estate business? Are you thinking about the heavy competition in the real estate market? how to grow real estate business? Grow your real estate business using with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing etc… But have no idea what to do! […]

10 Common Real Estate Questions Asked by Home buyers

Being a professional real estate agent, every day you have to answer a lot of questions related to your business. Buying a home is a significant investment that anyone makes in life. Most of the homebuyers are oblivious about the home buying process, which leads them to the unsolved puzzle which further popping out common […]

How Digital Marketing can help to Generate Real Estate Leads

Once you have your website set up with either Wordpress or another platform you will need to drive traffic to your site. 90% of those looking to purchase property use the internet and 53% of property hunters start their search online.