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IDXMatrix is adept at understanding the agent's interest and delivers what they are looking for; from creating awareness to devising consideration and finally driving the lead towards successful purchase. An online marketing strategy is developed to help create easy to find, engaging experiences that inspires interest and action towards buying real estate property, ably aided by MLS content.

Count on us for specialized marketing services that include content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing etc. The data collected, verified and compiled from a variety of different communication channels, including a website, telephone, email, live chat and social media is used appropriately and efficiently to drive sales.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing, in short SEM, is an advertising model in the dotcom world. The Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the most popular and result-oriented in the SEM. The mode of going to public and gaining their trust involves both the search and content networks. Yahoo, Bing and Google are the three prime search networks and the foremost names in the online advertising industry which efficiently carry out SEM. "Paid Search" is the terminology that is used when Pay Per Click is activated on search networks.

IDXMatrix offers SEM services that speak ultimate success. The ever-oscillating algorithms of the search engines are always observed, and quick action is taken diligently based on them. Moreover the SEM strategies are innovative and planned in such a way that increase ROI within no time. Backed by the skilled and intellectual manpower, IDXMatrix is poised to become a renowned brand in the search engine marketing industry.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Website traffic to go northwards
  • Brand awareness and brand equity is sure to increase multifold.
  • Reach people efficiently, who are already interested in you.
  • Leads and deals follow.
  • Language-based and location-oriented advertising.
  • Marketers will get to promote their product over competitors.
  • Increased ROI is assured, as Paid search strategies work better than other advertising media.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

For any successful digital marketing campaign to be successful, Social Media Marketing is a must. Client base sees a rapid growth in connectivity with existing and new client base through productive online marketing. Get in touch with IDXMatrix and see the difference in SMM campaign and the result it produces.

Websites with dynamic and engaging content are always welcomed by search engines such as Google. Customer’s acumen and decision-making abilities are always taken into consideration while devising SMM strategies. With competent people rendering services SMM has become a cakewalk for for IDXMatrix. All the social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat are used to bring in the leads.IDXMatrix also boosts fast traffic through Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin Paid Ad Campaigns.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SMM/SMO)

  • Brand Awareness shoots up.
  • Increase in Inbound Traffic.
  • Top Conversion Rates.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.
  • Extended Brand Loyalty.
  • Higher Brand Authority.
  • Cost-Effective ROI.
  • Gain Marketplace Insights.

Email Marketing Services

IDXMatrix specializes in understanding and delivering the customer's goal for creating awareness to devising consideration and finally driving towards success purchase. In the process, it uses social media marketing tools to perfection coupled with bulk email marketing that can change the tide for agents in bagging leads. The bulk email marketing is a low-cost, highly efficient strategy that is carefully planned and executed to perfection with visibility of results in no time.

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