Basically, CRM is Customer Relationship Management. IDXMatrix makes sure that the real estate agent interacts with leads using CRM effectively. This enables the agents maintain a strong relationship with their potential leads. It analyses the leads by using data analysis based on property search history.

It is only with CRM, businesses come to know much more about their customers, which in turn help them serve better. The ultimate aim of customer relationship management systems is to integrate and automate sales. The CRM of IDXMatrix does offer marketing and customer support with aplomb.


CRM Features

Email Templates
Agent will have a set of predefined templates for sending emails to leads.
Lead Rotation
Get a lead based on rotational shift system, where everyone is treated equal.
View Saved Searches
Agent can view saved searches made by the lead.
CRM Dashboard
The CRM enables the agents to view all the leads and other details.
Auto-assign Leads
An agent will be auto-assigned the lead based on the rotational shift system, wherein everyone will be given importance according to the policy. (Change the system).
Lead Capture Notification
Agent gets an email as soon as the new lead registers.
View favourite listings
Agent can view properties marked as favourites by the lead.
Agent Listings
Agents’ own listings will be displayed.

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