12 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Detailed listings from your MLS can be added to your real estate website. This can include a comprehensive and searchable database of your listings. It also gives you the option to highlight featured listings and to create custom neighbourhood pages.

12 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Real Estate lead generation strategies are evolving constantly. Ideas that have worked in the past might not completely work today. Real estate agents are always looking for new ways of lead generationThese might include a blend of traditional and online real estate lead generation ideas. In other words, you can call them lead generation tools. 

Given below are some of the 12 best real estate lead generation ideas. 

 Did you know?  

Neighborhood quality is of primary importance for 78% of home buyers in the US. 57% of homeowners consider shorter commute than having a larger lawn. 

Facebook messenger 

We all know that there are a lot of problems involved in the traditional ways of lead generation as forms have too many steps. The catch here is to strike a conversation with a lead which can be done on a Facebook messenger. This way, you can get the contact info of new real estate leads at much lower cost which poses a much better response. 

Automated Text Marketing 

Sending individual texts to leads is a mountainous task which can consume a lot of your time. The same is the case with cold calling. There are a lot of advanced test messaging options where you can automate this task. Even though text messaging might not have a strong impact on effective lead generation, you can reach large number of people which would prove as one of the sources of generating new real estate leads.  

Cold Calling 

This might be one of the traditional ways of real estate lead generation strategybut it has undeniable advantages of building rapport with them. Majority of people you call might hang up the phone but if you want the maximum result, you should be taking up this task as well. A never tiring zeal to sell, a proper script, good sense of humor and a growth mindset is all what you require. 

Lead-optimized IDX Website 

A well optimized IDX website is another innovative way of generating real estate leadsCheckout https://www.idxmatrix.com/ which offer CRM (Customer relationship management) for optimized lead capture. They also offer Search Engine Optimization for real estate websites and run paid social campaigns.

Try News Outlets 

Probably, one of the best real estate lead generation ideais to pitch your listings to a news outlet. You will see your phone ringing with calls. The catch here is that you got to choose a reputed publication. This is also a wonderful way of getting referrals. 


Real Estate Brand, Not Your Personal Brand 

It is a false notion that you should develop your personal brand online if you are into real estate lead generation. You should realize one thing here is that people are looking for a list of properties and not you. So, you got to show them something they want like an IDX listing.

Share local videos 

Online real estate lead generation is being considered these days over traditional lead generating ideas. Sharing local videos of the property listings is another effective way of generating online new real estate leads. Shoot videos and post them on social media channels consistently. You might not have instant results but gradually, when the local community will connect with you and recognize you as a local brand, you will see consistent results.

Work on Holidays 

A message that you are available even during the holiday season goes very strong into the market. You can also apply the same strategy for weekends and Sundays. Have some holiday decorations to properties and share them on social media to attract leads.

Join Local community chambers 

Joining local community chambers is yet another effective way of making valuable connections. You will have a chance to get acquainted with people who are well established in the area. You can also consider becoming a member of convention and visitor’s bureau to reach out to potential leads.

Build Quality backlinks and Rank Your Website on Google  

Though this is not an online real estate lead generation strategy, when doing search engine optimization (SEO), focus on building links back to your site from When doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), try building quality links back to your website from relevant sites which have good page ranks. This would certainly drive traffic to your site. Though SEO has meagre chances of producing leads, the organic traffic flow will increase and have a positive return on ROI.

Show that you are a Reliable Source of Real Estate Expertise  

Just advertising that you are a reliable source doesn’t work. People don’t want to see statements. One of the best real estate lead generation ideas is to engage people to get to participate in a survey like asking them questions relating to why and where they want to buy a home or what is stopping them in doing so. The catch here is that you should get people engaging with this content. Though there are no immediate results, you will see leads coming to you in due course of time.

Call people on birthday’s and other events 

Calling people in your sphere and congratulating them proves a personalized rapport with them. Just a phone call on events like birthdays, anniversaries, new job or pregnancy will keep you on top of their mind. Whenever they or any of their acquaintances want to buy a property, they would consider you on top of their list. 

Finally, lead generation is not difficult, provided you stay focused. As a popular saying – ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. So, plan your pathway and prepare your own real estate lead generation strategy and stick on to it. If something doesn’t work, don’t get frustrated. Give your best shot and wait for the result to happen.